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ideas to life

We are a boutique consulting agency, crafting software products for companies of all shapes and sizes.

We love using our methodology and talents to transform ideas into reality. We use cutting edge cloud technologies and most performant front-end frameworks for web and mobile to ensure your satisfaction.

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We are a team composed of seasoned product executive, artisans crafting beautiful user interfaces and talented software developers passionated about creating disruptive products that engage users.

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What make us Special


We focus on business goals, target audience, budget and time constraint to define the most effective product objectives.


We strive to create fluent user interfaces that will be intuitively understood by users, through multiple iterative prototypes before a single line of code is written.

Cutting edge

We develop modern Mobile and Web applications using the most advanced client technologies: Javascript, ReactJS, React-Nativeand Redux. On Mobile devices we produce truly native apps in a cost-effective way with a single code-base.


We embrasse the Agile methodology and the 12 principles behind the Agile Manifesto, among them "Welcome changing requirements, even late in development".


We deploy Node.js to cutting edge PaaS providers such as Heroku to ensure evolutive, reliable and scalable operations. We leverage Google Firebase to create server less mobile and Web applications at the speed of light


We take responsibility on the quality of our deliveries by testing in-house. We never delegate this core responsibility to assess the quality.


We automate the DevOps to ensure long running applications in production, with high availability and minimal overhead.

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Meet our team

We are a boutique consulting agency composed of product strategist, designer and developers with an extensive experience in building successful software products.

PHILIPPE COHEN Product Strategist

Software engineering and ergonomics expert, he brings his experience to create the most efficient platform for companies of all shapes and sizes.