Shopping with trust 

Trustworthy Information

Shefing’s social shopping community utilizes social networks enabling you to leverage your most trusted source of shopping information: your friends’ shopping intelligence.


You trust your friends most for life advice and the same should hold true for recommendations on your purchasing decisions. Shefing enables you to leverage friend’s purchase experiences, factual information, rather than rely on biased ads and dubious customer reviews.

Relevant Information

Searching through factual purchase experience from friends who share similar backgrounds and needs supplies you with personalized and relevant results, rather than broad and impersonal search results and vendor ads.


Like-minded friends who have similar backgrounds and preferences as your own can provide you with the most relevant shopping information and leading to better choices.
Product reviews from unknown sources are unreliable and often irrelevant. Shefing replaces unsolicited and impersonalized vendor ads with information that is applicable to you and fit for your purposes.

Information - When you Need it

You’re inundated with online advertising via pop-up ads, SPAM and inorganic search results. Conventional advertising is overwhelming and ineffective. As a Shefing consumer you seek product information when you’re looking to make a purchase, so your attention is dedicated and the information is valued.


Your friends’ published product facts and post-purchase opinions are available to you when you need them via your Shefing social shopping search engine so that you can make smart and confident purchase decisions.
Conventional advertising is not only perceived as biased and unreliable but irritating and most often ill-timed. The effectiveness of unsolicited advertising has eroded. With Shefing you seek information when you need it from those you trust most.

Shefing for Merchants

Shefing is revolutionizing the communication between merchants and consumers by enabling merchants to join in the social conversation they’ve been excluded from to date leveraging their best advocates: their customers.


With Shefing you boost sales by leveraging your best and most influential advocate: your customers. With Shefing satisfied customers drive success as they are transformed into effective promotional agents, delivering high quality traffic and a unique level of intelligence of your customer base.